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Land Use and Environmental Implications 

The majority of urban areas are poorly planned and have doubled in size over the past decade without comparable growths in population. Consequently, the over expansion is stressing the region's infrastructure and it results in energy shortages, transportation problems, deficient city services, and significantly contributes to other economic and environmental problems.

Researchers at USC are dedicated to understanding how to successfully integrate green space in Los Angeles. The USC Green Visions Plan (GVP) project focuses on Southern California's landscape in terms of target species habitat, watershed assets, and parks and open space, as a means to promote multi-purpose planning for, and to target investments in, for water quality, open space, and habitat conservation projects. The GVP provides a sophisticated web-based dynamic mapping and analysis tool for city project planners which is enriched with real-time data on parameters associated with climate change. The data is critical for understanding how climate changes may influence species distributions, stream network functionality, and provision of ecosystem services to local populations.


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