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Informing Decisions and Education 

USC's Geographic Information System Research Lab (GIS) is a leader in developing innovative GIS tools for environmental assessment and creating decision tools, including the development of a 4-dimensional system for coastal applications. This software is able to handle ECCO2, the global circulation model developed by Scripps (MIT and JPL) to explore the impacts of climate change.

The other major project of the GIS lab has been a GIS planning tool that models the hydrology and the five main watersheds in Los Angeles County and has complete terrestrial data in a decision support tool for local planners. The Green Visions tool can be expanded to other regions and applications.

USC offers extensive educational resources, offering degree programs at the bachelors, master and doctoral levels; distance education facilities; and informal science education through a variety of venues. USC runs a number of innovative environmental related programs including the NSF sponsored Centers of Ocean Sciences Education Excellence-West, which focuses on K-12 ocean science education and climate change.



  • Creating GIS tools for understanding the changing climate.
  • Education an outreach for undestanding climate changes.


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