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Impacts of Climate Change 

USC research experience in climate impacts is reflected in the long history of research through its many research institutes.

The Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies (WIES) is a leading research institution for studying the impacts on coastal and marine environments. WIES, with funding from Natural Science Foundation (NSF), supports a marine monitoring station on Catalina Island, which has been collecting important chemical, physical and biological data for the past 10 years and has been assessing the temporal biological and physical changes in the coastal ocean. WEIS has been engaged in the Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing Systems and with recent NSF funding are focusing on marine biological climate change impacts using future environmental simulation experiments. This puts USC at the forefront of the expanding file of predictive environmental oceanography.

Our research expertise extends to topics that include the urban environmental as well. The Center for Sustainable Cities conducts research on the impacts of climate changes on the urban environment, and also evaluates mitigation and adaption solutions in metropolitan areas. Adaptation research includes vulnerability of critical infrastructure, social and economic resilience and community adaptation planning.

USC also has research in understanding the impact of climate change on human populations. The Program for Environmental and Regional Equity has looked at the implications of climate change on underserved communities who face environmental inequity issues, and the Keck School of Medicine has looked at the impacts of the changing climate on human health with a focus on children.


  • Impact of climate change on coastal environments.
  • Impact of climate change on urban enviroments and human populations.


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