Conventional Energy

Oil and Gas Production

The Integrated Asset Management (IAM) project focuses on applying core computer science concepts to develop an improved knowledge and workflow management aptitude for oilfield applications by exploring a wide variety of oilfield domains such as software architecture, distributed and grid computing, artificial intelligence, semantic web, data integration, and services computing. The goal of the IAM project is to create an integrated and intelligent oilfield while offering graduate students the opportunity to expand their work experience and knowledge about oilfield applications in the energy informatics sector. Research areas include: Well Productivity Improvement, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Embedded and Networked Systems, Reservoir Management, Data Management Tools, Immersive Visualization

The IAM project is a joint USC-Chevron CiSoft effort that includes a project team of computer scientists from USC, domain experts from Chevron, and technology advisors from Microsoft and Avanade.


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