Smart Power Event

book_new_crop2.gif Join the USCEI on October 11th from 6pm-8pm at the Davidson Conference Center Club Room for a discussion about Smart Power with special guest Dr. Peter Fox-Penner, a consulting executive and internationally recognized authority on energy and electric power industry issues.

Smart Power examines strategies for the development of an energy efficient business model for the utility industry. Dr. Fox-Penner will be explaining how and why the utility industry must adapt to the climate imperative by examining the industry's technology, cost characteristics, and ability to function as a sustainable business, as well as the practical and political dimensions of making these dramatic changes. He will review the current prospects for long-term power generation alternatives; from solar panels attached to our homes and offices, to new coal-burning plants that will allow for the capture and sequestration of carbon emissions.

The Smart Power topics addressed by Dr, Fox-Penner will follow business strategy, public policies related to regulated and infrastructure industries, and financial issues involving the energy industry.

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