About Us

The USC Energy Institute (USCEI) was launched in 2008 to create a university-based framework to support and expand opportunities in energy-related research, education, and public policy development.

Our Mission is to become a leader in cross-disciplinary energy research that will sustainably generate both short and long term energy solutions.

Our work at the USCEI leads a university wide endeavor that incorporates elements of science, technology, policy and the impacts of climate change and pollution on all levels to generate both short and long term energy solutions.

Our research focuses on the prospects, production, and consumption of renewable energy sources that will serve as the sustainable replacement for conventional non-renewable energy sources.

We coordinate the smooth transition of policies, technologies, and capital investments required to implement a successful clean energy economy. Our concentrations also continue to improve on the extraction, energy-efficiency, and storage of carbon-based fuels.

Some of our key strategic initiatives include